Marine Services

With a rich legacy of over 30 years in maritime expertise, Unitop offers cutting-edge solutions to meet diverse maritime needs, both onshore and offshore. Comprehensive logistics support ensures seamless operations, underlined by a range of services:

Marine services

Vessel Charter

Our vessel charter services are tailored to match your project's specific needs, whether it's heavy equipment transport, offshore support, or streamlined logistics. Rely on our diverse fleet and expert team to assist you.

From offshore support vessels to anchor handling tugboats (AHT), platform support vessels (PSV), and beyond, we have the expertise and resources to meet your unique requirements.

Equipment Leasing

Options tailored to meet the needs of oil firms and service companies. Our offerings encompass essential equipment like forklifts, tractors, and portacabins, ensuring you have the tools you need to excel.

Equipment Fabrication & maintenance

Leveraging expertise, We specialize in crafting high-quality components tailored to maritime needs. Our fabrication and maintenance solutions which include Drydocking, vessel and equipment modification ensure equipment remains efficient and compliant. Trust us for top-notch service, keeping your operations smooth and safe.

Logistics Support

Swift and efficient logistics and support services to enable clients to focus on core business capabilities.

Procurement & Manpower Supply

Manpower Supply

Our specialist training and personnel development services address challenging roles within the oil and gas sector, covering the entire value chain, from recruitment of project managers, supervisors, and skilled personnel to deployment in the energy sector to meet specific service requirements.

Procurement Supply

Positioned as procurement specialists, we excel in cost-cutting through efficient processes, offering OEM-based specific solutions to navigate sector volatility. Clients trust us for our robust supply chain management, reliable supplies, single-point control across projects, established supplier relationships, and a balanced, strategic procurement approach.

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